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Anheuser InBev / SAB Miller - Comment

The following press announcement was made this morning:

'Budweiser owner Anheuser-Busch InBev's £79bn takeover of rival SAB Miller is set to go ahead after the shareholders of both firms approved the mega-deal.

The deal is expected to be completed on 10 October and will create the world's largest beer firm.

Global regulators have already approved the deal, which AB InBev says will create "the first truly global brewer".

The enlarged group - which will produce almost a third of the world's beer - will take the AB InBev name.'

I think that this will be a disaster for beer drinkers as the quality of some of their products is at the very least questionable.

I remain committed to buying beer from independent and craft brewers, where I can speak to individuals and the brewers who produce quality products made with passion and which are full of character and flavour.

If like me, you are not comfortable with this type of mega-deal and you are tired of drinking tasteless cold fizz, then vote with your feet and wallets and support your national and local brewers. You will have a better drinking experience and they will benefit from the increased revenues. 

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